Garlock Butterfly Valves


GAR-SEAL valves are used extensively where corrosive, abrasive

and toxic media needs to be reliably controlled. They are

typically used for accurate control, throttling and shut-off duties

in the chemical, petrochemical, chlorine, paper, electro-plating

and many other industries. GAR-SEAL butterfly valves offer

reduced maintenance requirements and increased operational



STERILE-SEAL valves are used in applications where sterile

processes need to be maintained in the pharmaceutical and

food industries without unnecessary and costly overhauls

and replacement. The special characteristic of this valve is

its external sterilization capability. The design is such that the

critical „dead“ areas of the valve, as well as the disc, body

liner and seals, can be sterilized with steam without coming in

contact with the process medium.


SAFETY-SEAL valves are used in applications where

corrosive, abrasive and toxic media need to be handled and

electrostatic charges must be avoided at the same time.


MOBILE-SEAL valves are used on road tanker vehicles,

railway wagons, silos and other transportation and storage

containers where high chemical resistance, reliability and

special safety requirements are essential. MOBILE-SEAL is

EN 14432 approved.

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