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About the Company:

eSalesmen, Inc. is a manufacturers representative agency, consulting service and network provider, serving the Fluid Sealing and Fluid Handing Industry.  We are a small agency by choice, located in the Houston, Texas area. We represent a few select principals having a dominant position in their industry, high quality standards, long-term re-investment strategies, and a solid financial position.  We seek to represent company’s that conform to ISO-9002, QS-9000 or an equivalent aerospace standard.  eSalesmen Inc.  offers prospective buyers the products of world class fluid sealing and fluid handling products covering a variety of applications. We provide sales and market development involving Sealing Distributors, Original Equipment Manufacturers and End Users in the Petrochemical, Refining, Pulp and Paper, Power Generation, Semiconductor and Aerospace markets.  We pride ourselves in our dedication to reliability, accuracy, and the value we deliver to our customers and the manufacturers we represent. eSalesmen, Inc. provides its clients with a user friendly internet marketing and sales tool enabling manufacturers to present their products and services to the end user.  Our e-commerce system enables product selection, ordering, shipping, delivery and invoicing over a secure internet link, covering traditional and credit card purchases.


About the Owner:

Roger Paulson has been associated with equipment design, sealing products specification and application for approximately thirty-five years.  For the past eighteen years, Roger has been an associate of Garlock Sealing Technologies, serving in various sales and marketing management positions. His application experience includes; molded rubber products, compression packing for valves and pumps,  gasketing products for industrial and original equipment as well as plastics processing and part manufacturing for the chemical process industry.   Roger  has unique talents for problem solving and holds several patents for products directed toward industrial process solutions.  He is acknowledged as an industry expert in Industrial Valve Fugitive Emissions prevention.  Roger  has developed a vast professional network within the distribution and end user industries he has served.



As Your Representative we:

·         Focus on business development expanding your markets and profits.

·         Deliver a wide range of contacts within North and South America.

·         Incorporate consultative and benefits oriented sales techniques.

·         Product Specification

·         Distribution Product Training



As your Marketing and Sales Partner we Assist in the Development of :

·         Market Strategies

o        Market Entry

o        Product Placement

·         Catalog Development

·         Sales Training (Product - Service Benefit Techniques)

·         Understanding Buyer Rolls

·         Interactive - Consultative  Selling

·         Finding and Developing You're Customer Champions

·         Effective Questions

·         Developing Cost - Benefit Scenarios

·         Effective Closing

·         Time Management

o        Evaluating Client Potential

o        Establishing Priorities

o        Effective Follow Up


We also provide:

·     Customer Specific Product Listing (Acceptable Manufacturers Listing)

·     Customer Specific Product Listing (Acceptable Manufacturers Listing) Quality Systems Review


Manufacturing Technology Assessment & Improvement Work Shops



Representing CETIM to the Manufacturer and the End User we conduct:

·      Concept Modeling

·      Interactive Design Engineering

·      Prototype Testing

·      Failure Mode Analysis

·      Application Testing to all international and industry standards

·      Fugitive Emissions Testing to ISO & Shell SP-77-312 Standards

Our Services also include:

·                  Notified Body Certification according to ISO 9001-2000

·                  CE Mark Certifications

·                  See our Principals information at http://www.cetim.fr/gb/index.jsp

·      Application Testing to all international and industry standards

·      Fugitive Emissions Testing to ISO Standards



With our customized package of networking tools we provide:

·         E-Commerce Support

·         E-Catalog Development

·         Product Selector Tools

·         Internet Product Marketing and Sales

·         Purchase Simplification

·         Network Integration Between Purchasers, Manufacturers and Distributors

·         Simplified Document Transfer and EDI Capabilities

·         Document Accuracy

·         Automated Order Receipt and Conformation


From our main offices in Houston, Texas, we provide our multiple services to North and South America, through our network of top line distributors and with factory direct service.  We invite you to contact us to investigate an innovative solution to your sales and marketing requirements. Interface Solutions



Roger Paulson


eSalemen, Inc.


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