Superior Safety Paddle is a slip blind, molded PTFE gasket, reinforced with a totally encapsulated solid stainless steel disk. It is used to block the flow in a pipe where a shut down valve is not available, or as a safety device in addition to a closed valve during maintenance shutdown, to meet OSHA requirements. PPM pioneered a process to encapsulate thick, un-perforated metal completely with molded PTFE. PPM currently offers from 1/32" to .175" thick, solid stainless steel reinforcement disk, inserted within the PTFE sealing material during molding along with a perforated metal reinforcement in the handle to avoid the possibility of damaging the handle. PPM also manufactures Superior Paddle with the standard perforated stainless steel reinforcement. When safety of personnel is of high concern, Superior Safety Paddle is many folds safer than prior ones made with perforated steel. It reduces potential responsibilities and liability about safety. Superior Safety Paddle is cost effective. It saves on time and number of personnel needed to install a traditional blind gasket.

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