Superior Antistatic Gasket is a self-centering gasket molded with conductive PTFE and reinforced with a perforated stainless insert. It is used to reduce fire and explosion hazards due to static electricity accumulated in lined pipes, by conducting the static charges to the ground through grounding the gasket handle. Thus, it continuously dissipates static discharges and prevents the ignition of flammable fluids in the surroundings. PPM uses highly conductive PTFE resins, in the order of 104 Ohm/cm or less, in Superior Antistatic Paddle to dissipate low levels of static charges before they increase to dangerous levels. The exceptional width of the insert and the high number of perforations, exceeding 100 perforations per square inch, give additional protection for the gasket against creep and blow out in severe operating conditions. Superior Safety Paddle and Superior Antistatic Paddle are available for standard pipe flanges up to 10" sizes.

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