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Universal Chemrail  

Comparative Fluids Resistance Of Chemrail Vrs. Std. Types Of Viton

Test Results

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Wide range of fluids including aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, oils, greases, acids, bases, water / st and amine containing inhibitors. Chemrail has been found to be more resistant then FKM to oil field fluids containing hydrogen sulfide such as "sour" oil, gas and shows much lower swell in oil based fluids than does TFE/Polymers, while showing improved low temperature properties.
Physical Properties @ R.T. - Original (press cure & postcured) Black-Unbranded with Material Identification and Cure Tracers
M-100, MPa 7.4
T-B, MPa 15.4
(Tb, psi) 2233
E-B, % 180
Hardness, A, pts 77
Physical Properties @ R.T. - Heat Aged 70 Hrs @ 250C In Oven
M-100, MPa 6.8
(% Change, M100) -8.1%
T-B, MPa 15.5
(%Change, T-B 0.6%
E-B, % 211
(% Change, E-BE-B, % 17.0%
Hardness, A, pts 76
(Pts Change) -1
Compression Set, Method B, Plied - 22 Hrs @ 200 C 45

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