Sigraflex M&Y Factors

Y, Yield Factor    The factor that represents the minimum load over the contact area of the gasket that is required to provide a sealed joint, with no pressure in the assembly ( i.e. seating stress).

Y,  Factor Determination    Determine the leak rate versus bolt load with 2 psi of nitrogen or water in the system, using increasing bolt loads to develop a load versus leak rate curve.

                                                                            Y = Fastener Force Gasket Contact Area

M, Maintenance Factor    The factor that provides the additional preload capability in the flange fasteners to maintain sealing pressure on the gasket after internal pressure is applied.

M, Maintenance Factor Determination    Use decreasing bolt load and 300 psi internal pressure to calculate and plot M versus leak rate. Choose an M that yields an acceptable leak rate.

                                                                            M = (Fastener Force - P x A internal) PxAgasket

                                                                            Required Bolt Force = greater of : Y x Agasket


                                                               P x A internal M x P x (2b x 3.14 G)

                                                                            Where b = effective gasket width and G = gasket OD


                                                                            M & Y Factors for Sigraflex Materials

Homogeneous grades and solid foil core laminates (i.e, B-Lam, Bssc, BMY. etc.)

Y = 900, M = 2

Tang core and screen core laminates (i.e. BTCSS, BSC)

Y= 2500, M = 2


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