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Teadit  Aramid / PTFE, PTFE, Synthetic,  Packing Teadit Carbon, Graphite Valve Stem, High Temperature Packing
Teadit  2003 Braided Packing  PTFE Yarn, Kevlar Corners Teadit 2000 Braided Packing Flexible Graphite
Teadit  2004 Braided Packing Aramid Yarn, PTFE Impregnated  
Teadit  2005 Braided Packing Pure PTFE Yarn, Dry  
Teadit  2006FDA Braided Packing Pure PTFE, FDA Approved  
Teadit  2006S Braided Packing Pure PTFE, Lubricated  
Teadit 2007 Braided Packing Expanded PTFE / Graphite  
Teadit 2017 Braided Packing Expnd PTFE / Graphite Aramid Corners  
Teadit 2019 Braided Packing Synthetic Yarn with PTFE, Lubricated  
Teadit 24A Expanded PTFE Packing  
Teadit 2043 Braided Packing Spun Aramid Yarn Graphite, Lubricated  
Teadit 2044 Braided Packing Spun Aramid Yarn Ptfe, Impregnated  
Teadit 2060 Braided Packing Expanded PTFE / Kevlar Core  
Teadit 2070 Braided Packing Expanded PTFE / Graphite Yarn. Kevlar Core  
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